Invoice user flow

Demo | react app, ant-design, coding task

Invoice user flow with react and ant-design. This is a static prototype (no backend service is connected).

Tags: Demo, Invoice, ant-design, coding task
Date: 27-29 August 2018
Stack: React.js, ant-design


  • UI-kit: Ant-design
  • Folder Structure: based on Feature and Functionality
  • Component naming: based on Relative-Path
  • State management: Local(react), Flat state, Single stateful component (Invoice.js)
  • Form validation
  • Netlify CD


Install Node.js, Git and then:

git clone invoice-app
cd invoice-app
yarn install
yarn start
Andreas Teneketzoglou

Andreas Teneketzoglou
Front end web developer | Electrical & computer engineer

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