Editable Table (React)

Demo | react app, ant-design, coding task

Editable table with react and ant-design.

URL: https://editabletable-react.netlify.com
Source: https://github.com/antekai/ct-pl-editableTable-react
Tags: Demo, Editable table, react app, ant design, coding task
Date: 29 August - 1 September 2018
Stack: React.js, ant-design


  • Raw data preprocess and render to a table
  • Inline edit and save per record(row): checkbox, select, datePicker, timePicker, radio input for respective data type
  • State management: Local, Context API (react)
  • UI-kit: ant-design
  • Boostrapping: create-react-app, react-app-rewired
  • Netlify CD


Install Node.js, Git and then:

git clone https://github.com/antekai/ct-pl-editableTable-react.git editableTable-react
cd editableTable-react
yarn install
yarn start


Please open an issue for support.

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